Why Smart TV Is A Smart Choice?

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Published: 07th November 2012
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The history of television has been changed from black and white to colored television. Today, it become more entertaining and informative in which people can’t just watch TV but will also give you the ability to watch video streamed online and take you to social networking sites. Just as smart phones changed the history of telecommunications, cable companies now release its new and more sophisticated Smart TV in the market early 2011.

Benefits of Smart TV

Smart TV is the newest technology that contains a lot of features. Television that is connected to the internet to provide an easy web-based feature that expands the horizon of entertainment just like smart phones.

Convenience – it lessens the space in your living room, giving you the wall-mounted TV design. With a diagonal big sized screen on full HD TV that really brings the cinematic screen at home.
Access emails and personal research – offer options to give you a more personal experience.

Access social networking sites – allow you to connect with your friends from Social networking sites like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook updates while sitting around in your couch.

More TV entertainment – has interactive content of entertainment beyond just browsing the Web. Music, health & fitness, games and much more will give you satisfaction of entertaining.

It delivers more than just a television but combined with smart phone and computer entertainment. With the beautiful, wide and slim screen that is very crisp and realistic picture quality, has been the first impression of most individual.

Application features of Smart TV

Technology has been enhanced through the course of time and advancement of Smart TV. TV manufacturers are also very competitive nowadays in terms of technology that is why they have incorporated more features to provide convenience and satisfaction to the consumers.

Games – you can now enjoy more media games like playing Xbox 360 without using a game console. Offers lot of game option to give you a more entertaining experience.

Online Video Streaming – let you stream TV channels and movies from any Websites without any interruption of internet connection. Access to YouTube and initiate Skype video conferencing calls.

Internet – This will enables most categories like weather information, sports, business, movies, latest news and TV shows, right from your living room. You can do research through Google and emails.

Download Applications – just like mobile phones, this allows you to download lot of applications to your TV.

Best brands of Smart TV

Each brand of Smart TV delivers its own particular features and interface, but they are all having similar suite of quality and resolution. The differences will depend on the brand since each has its own unique selection of features. However, the decision will take in your hand as to what you can afford. These are the top brands that competing in the market.

• LG Smart TV
• Panasonic Smart Viera
• Samsung Smart TV
• Sony Internet TV

Performance of Smart TV

Most of Smart TVs are made with high quality standard of performance for a long lasting use. Aside from the price, the smart choice of getting this TV is worth it. Quality wise is perfect than any other TV in the market. Here are some of its qualities:

• Picture quality
• Sound quality
• App quality

The main key is that, choosing Smart TV will based on our interest and preferences. The price will be the secondary option but will consider after we have set our choice. If you have a budget, Smart TV is a good and smart choice today. It will provide more than anything you need in a certain mobile phone and computer with your convenience at home.

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